Research Interests

My research interests encompass the study of planetary climates and atmospheric circulations, including the study of the Earth, the planets of the solar system and beyond. I am interested in the study of planetary climates using a theoretical and numerical approach. My goal is to have a better understanding on the diversity of climates and atmospheric circulations, to search and characterize Earth-like exoplanets and look for signs of life on habitable worlds.

Current Research

My research focuses on the study of planetary atmospheres using global circulation models. I have been developing from ground-up a Global Circulation Model (GCM) dedicated to the study planetary atmospheres. My new model, THOR, solves the fully compressible – non-hydrostatic fluid equations in an icosahedral grid and is intended to be flexible enough to explore a large diversity of planetary atmospheres. Other modules, such as, radiation transfer, chemistry and representation of clouds have also been implemented in the model. I have made significant progress on the development of models that are essential in the study of exoplanet and solar system atmospheres.

Animation of the Earth surface temperature computed by THOR.