Official: OASIS-EnVision project funded by PRODEX 2020

Link for the official announcement of the award from the Danish Government: [Link]

EnVision is an ESA Science mission to Venus that will explore the deep extreme conditions of the Venus environment. It will be an essential mission to understand the interplay between the planet’s volcanic activity and the planet’s climate. The mission also seeks to unveil why the environment of the most Earth-like planet in our Solar System, Venus, diverged so distinctly from the Earth climate.

With the PRODEX award, we will further develop OASIS to explore the Venus climate history and to identify the best techniques to optimise the retrieval of information from future EnVision observations. As concrete examples, the software will be able to:

  • Predict the expected signatures of volcanism (e.g. size of a volcanic plume) in Venus and their observability using EnVision;
  • Identify regions on the surface of Venus that are more susceptible to dune formation and guide EnVision observations to find these dunes
  • Identify atmospheric compositional trends that EnVision can observe to constrain the still unknown early evolution of the Venus climate.