OASIS builds Venus-like planets

OASIS is progressing fast towards an ultimate platform to simulate planetary environments. OASIS is a novel and flexible 3D virtual planet laboratory, which couples self-consistently seven individual modules representing the main physical and chemical processes that shape planetary environments.

We produced 3D simulations of the Venus climate and its atmospheric circulation and study how the modeled atmosphere changes with various cloud covers, atmospheric heat capacity, and surface friction. 3D simulations of Venus are challenging because they require long integration times with a computationally expensive radiative transfer code. By comparing OASIS results with observational data, we verify that the new model is able to successfully simulate Venus.

PublicationMendonca & Buchhave 2020

Venus zonal winds (m/s) and mass stream function (10^10 kg/s) at the end of the simulations.
Venus temperatures at roughly 72km.