OASIS: A New Planet Simulator

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OASIS will be a true planet simulator. I will be using OASIS as a virtual-lab to expand our knowledge of planetary atmospheres and search for signatures of life.

Early this summer I will publish the first results from OASIS.

The code will be made open-source in software.


THOR explores the atmosphere of WASP-43b

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In a recent publication, THOR helped unveiling the “dark-side” of WASP-43b ([view paper]). Running 3D simulations of cloudy atmospheres,  THOR produced multi-phase emission spectra that constrain a cloud deck to be confined to the nightside of the planet and have a finite cloud-top pressure. The produced spectra also suggests the possibility of enhanced carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of WASP-43b.

In the figure above, we show the emission spectra at different orbital phases (panels a to i). The primary transit occurs at orbital phase 0.0 and the secondary eclipse at 0.5 (panel e). The blue points are WFC3 data from Stevenson et al. (2014) and Spitzer data from Stevenson et al. (2017). The red points are from our re-analysis of the Spitzer data. The different solid lines correspond to atmospheric scenarios: black – without clouds; cyan – with clouds; magenta – with clouds and extra CO2; yellow – clouds in the night side shifted 20 degrees westwards; green – clouds with lower cloud top level (20 mbar instead of 10 mbar).


THOR: A New Global Circulation Model to Study Planetary Climates (Open-Source)

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THOR is now open-source on this link.

THOR is a flexible Global Circulation Model (GCM) that solves the three-dimensional non-hydrostatic Euler equations on an icosahedral grid, and was designed to run on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). THOR was developed from ground-up with the propose of exploring a large diversity of planets and avoiding physical approximations brought from other research fields. This model has the capacity to simulate 3D virtual atmospheres coupling the physics self-consistently.

A detail technical description of the model can be found here.